Ocean Initiatives

Ocean and Coastal Policy Faculty Working Group

The Ocean and Coastal Policy Faculty Working Group brings together the extensive expertise of Duke University’s faculty, staff and students in order to discuss and inform issues related to the marine environment.

Fisheries Leadership & Sustainability Forum

The Fisheries Leadership & Sustainability Forum is a partnership between the Nicholas Institute for Environmental Policy Solutions and three other leading academic and policy organizations. While the Fisheries Forum doesn’t advocate, it provides thoughtful policy analysis to explore potential options and outcomes under various management approaches for members of regional fisheries management councils.

Marine Ecosystem Services Partnership

The Marine Ecosystem Services Partnership works to help society identify and sustainably manage the globe’s ocean and coastal ecosystems for the benefit of people and society. The Partnership strives to provide an up-to-date, easily accessible data about human uses of marine ecosystem services across the globe for policymakers, environmental managers, researchers, and marine ecosystem stakeholders.